About Me

Evan Hays made his first steps in to audio in 2014.
It's with the wish to share and make discover to other people the music he loves so much that he plays long eclectics Dj sets, mixing multiple House/Techno sub-genres along oldschool, exotic or even experimental influences.
You might have heard him in some places like the Redlight, Batofar, Folies Pigalle, 4 Elements, Panic Room, Concorde Atlantique or at his stop at the Marvellous island Festival in 2016.

In the meanwhile, he quickly discovered the production/studio univers and made his first audio experiments, with since the beginning a strong attraction for audio synthesis. We indeed find this back in his tracks with those catchy synths, rich and bewitching.

With his childwood friend, Lowel, Evan is also at the origin of TDF Records a collective born association wich has now became a full part Label. Based between Paris & Montreal, TDF gathers a few artists, organise some events and release some underground Techno music.

Finally, more recently, his interest for audio technique led Evan Hays to acquire more knowledges & experience via an Audio Production Technique formation wich he completed with "excellence mention". He developped some competences in various domains from audio recording/engineering to sound design, post production for vidéo content, audio integration in to video games via the Wwise Engine wich he is both 101 & 110 certified user...

Do not hesitate to contact him for any collaboration !

  • TDF - The Dream Factory : Global audio project mainly represented by the label subproject : TDF Records. While the 2 other subprojects are still in internal development.
  • Smart DSP : Community for audio artists & pros as well as a marketplace between quality engineers and artists for audio services and products.

Studio Setup

  • Studio One Pro 4

  • Ableton Live 10 Suite

      Celemony :
    • Melodyne Assistant

      Izotope :
    • RX 7 standard
    • Ozone
    • Neutron
    • Neutrino
    • Vocal Doubler

      Brainworx :
    • bx_digital V3
    • bx_subfilter
    • bx_solo
    • bx_cleansweep

      Nugen Audio :
    • MasterCheck Pro

      IK Multimedia :
    • TR5 Stealth Limiter
    • TR5 Master EQ-432
    • TR5 White 2A
    • TR5 British Channel
    • TR5 EQ-81
    • TR5 Dyna-Mu
    • TR5 Quad Limiter
    • TR5 EQP-1-A
    • TR5 De-Esser
    • TR5 Mic Room

      Waves :
    • Abbey Road plate Reverb
    • Smack Attack
    • Sibilance
    • H-Comp

  • Live 10 Suite stock plugins + All Packs + Users shared M4Live patchs

  • Studio One Professional stock plugins + All Packs

  • Various Freewares & more...

  • Main PC - Selfbuilt / Audio Optimised : I7 8700k, 16Gb ddr4 3600mhz, gtx 1060x 6gb, 500gb ssd for OS/Softs, 500gb ssd for audio softs & plugins, 1Tb sshd for files, Win10 pro.

  • Laptop - Asus ROG GL553VD

  • Audio Interface - Mackie Big Knob Studio +

  • Mixer Controller - Presonus Faderport 8

  • Creation Controller - Ableton Push

  • Creation Controller - Akai LPK25

  • Speakers - KRK Rokit 5 G3

  • Headphones - Sennheiser hd 25

  • Headphones 2 - Pioneer HDJ-500

  • Synths - PO-Sub & PO-Robot

  • Power Security - Furman PL-Pro C

  • Display 1 - LG 75hz 24" frameless

  • Display 2 - Viewsonic 60hz 23" frameless

  • Dj Mixer - Allen & Heath Xone92

  • Dj controllers - NI x1 mk2 x2

  • Audio Interface - NI traktor audio 10